How to Play

Obtain a copy of EverQuest Rain of Fear 2

  • Start by downloading the downloader:
  • In the zip file will contain a client_download.bat – you can run this as Administrator to start downloading the client files
  • Create a forum
    and loginserver account. Each forum account can support 3 login server accounts. One login server account is required per character. (i.e. if you want to create six characters, you will need to create 2 forum accounts, each with 3 loginserver accounts). Your loginserver account will be the username and password used to login to EverQuest.
  • Create a shortcut to EverQuest that DOES NOT USE THE EQLIVE PATCHER.

    • Go to your EverQuest directory
    • Find EQGame.exe
    • Create a shortcut to EQGame.exe on your desktop (right click –> Send to –> Desktop (create shortcut)
    • Right click on the newly created shortcut to EQGame.exe on your desktop
    • Select “Properties”
    • Look for “target” and add ” patchme” after the text (with a space before the word patchme)
      • Example: “C:\EverQuest\eqgame.exe” patchme

Now Start your games !

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